RGB-5050-xxL RGB Full Color LED Strip Lamp

  1. Smart Home RGB LED colorful control.

  2. Architectural lighting.

  3. Campus lighting.

  4. backdrop applications

  5. Club lighting





The Nico RGB-5050-xxL is a series of full color RGB LED strip. The RGB-5050-xxL cooperates with Nico Smart home master (such as 4503DX,4501D)and RGB LED Strips player module(such as 4601DMS) that perform colorful scene control in home and play of entertainment.



【Working voltage】DC 12V、DC 24V

【Emitting color】Red/green/blue/yellow/white/warm white/colorful programs

【Beam angle】120°

【Light source life】30,000 ~50,000 hours

【Light source types】Bright SMD LED bulb

【Working temperature】-30~45°

【The light source intensity】660-840lm

【Packaging】Anti-static bags、5m/roll

【Connection identification】RGB 4 line

【Protection class】Waterproof glue

【Cutting position】Three on the light for a group

【Fixed mode】Back to 3M of high strength adhesive

【Power】DC 12V