NL4W-xxxRGB RGB Full Color LED Strip Lamp

  • Smart Home RGB LED colorful control.

  • Architectural lighting.

  • Campus lighting.

  • backdrop applications

  • Club lighting

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The Nico NL4W-xxxxRGB is a series of full color RGB LED strip. The NL4W-xxxRGB cooperates with Nico Smart home master (such as 4503D,4501D)and RGB LED Strips player module(such as 4601D) that perform colorful scene control in home and play of entertainment.

The NL4W-xxxRGB series employs a high efficiency AEC-Q100 Grade 3 Synchronous DC to DC converter. A Daisy-chain topology technology 3×4 and numbers of ultra high luminous intensity PLCC 5050 RGB LED Collaborates with Nico Smart Home Control System, The user can download App and experience Nico IOT (Internet on Things) technology on the smart phone.



  • Daisy-chain topology RGB clusters connection.
  • High intensity 5050 SMD RGB LED
  • Full color RGB control.
  • 25×15 mm LED pitch.
  • 120° view angle.
  • View angle adjustment.
  • RoSH compliant.


  1. 302.4 mm x 25.5 mm
  2. 602 mm x 25.5 mm
  3. 902 mm x 25.5 mm