4612D-Color Temperature Controller

  1. Smart Home RGB LED colorful control.

  2. Architectural lighting.

  3. Campus lighting.

  4. backdrop applications

  5. Club lighting.




The 4612D is a Color Temperature   lighting Controller in Nico Smart Home Control System. The 4612D cooperates with Nico Smart home master and LED  Lamp with different color lighting source module that perform colorful scene control in home and place of entertainment.


The 4612D employs a powerful microcontroller. This microcontroller integrates DMX512 technology and two PWM dimming module output. The PWM output is Drived with high peak current MOSFET Driver.Collaborates with Nico Smart Home Control System, The user can download App and experience Nico IoT (Internet on Things) technology on the smart phone.


(W)88.2 mm x (D)61 mm x (H)23.8 mm