Intelligent access control system, giving you a safe, secure home

Nico has a professional lighting control system, in order to give you a safe, secure home,providing digital intercom system and fingerprint locks.

Fingerprint locks leading the industry, with more than one way of unlocking: fingerprint, card, password, phone, key sensors.

Forgot my keys out or accidentally been shut out, can immediately resolve your trouble. Explosion-proof fire lock, enhanced security. Can detect finger temperature and humidity to prevent copying fake fingerprint to unlock, make you more peace of mind!


Digital intercom system are divided into indoor and outdoor intercom.

Outdoor intercom supports remote control APP, not at home can also use the APP to see who’s at the door doorbell, lingered outside, or is there a stranger at home. Face recognition, automatic alarm management group call, illicit removal functions, make your home safer and more promotion.

Indoor intercom can be clearly seen outside the door, intercom special coil design, call clear.