Home Energy-saving

Do you know what home energy saving is?

Using energy-saving electrical appliances, use of the mark province of toilet water, using energy saving light bulbs ………….

These practices are right, simple home energy saving is not affecting the quality of life to save unnecessary waste, rather than save, loss of the quality of life.

Smart Home Is not the mansion’s patent, in order to enhance their quality of life, but also to save energy, this is a popular home trend!

Lighting parts, in addition to closing the light is through the lighting control devices, set the light sensor outdoor illumination lights dimming function, so, during the day and light Interior lights do not open to full brightness.

In addition, better lighting control devices, may, in accordance with the light brightness and color they want to control, not only to relax but also to achieve a healthy and comfortable and energy saving effect.




Air conditioner parts, when you’re out there sweating to come home, you can remote control for air conditioner to turn on, instead of when you get home, to make indoor temperatures rapidly decrease the air conditioner compressor Overdrive, consume more energy.

In other sections, for example curtains, you can set open and closed periods, through Smart Home System devices can do, make your home more energy efficient smarter!