Getting to know lighting source

The ideal brightness of home illumination is a kind of extending dusky nature light. It’s definite not the proper brightness to professional interior designer or light designer will calls for turn on all of lights in house. The most suitable brightness to meet our environmental needs also complies with the requirements of humanity can be easily get just simply by change a different direction or adjust the intensity of lighting sources.

With the progress of technology of LED illumination, the traditional fluorescent lamp, tungsten lamp,
and halogen lamps have been gradually being replaced by more energy efficient and longer usage life of LED lights.

Comparison of energy consumption



Though in generally the life span of LED light is much better than traditional lighting sources,
however, there are still many customers have more than one claims for problems on lighting effect they have such as unnatural lights, dusty lights,blinking lights, burnt out just in couple of months after installation, or LED lamp do not have dimming function et cetera.

We would like to sharing some concepts about illumination and lighting design. We intend not boring you with tons of professional terms nor long articles about lights, but in a transparent way in related to our life to make them easy to get understand.

1.Color rendering / General color rendering index ( Ra)
Unit: Color Rendering Index (CRI)

The definition of light color rendering is about the true color reflected by object which is under the sunlight. People take the sunlight of mother nature as the highest standard either quality of best illumination. The standard of CRI about sunlight is 100, which is means when the higher CRI you get, the more closer to natural sunlight about the color of object reflected under the lighting source you got. On the contrary, the lower CRI you get the less of closer to the natural sunlight.



Therefore, when you feel unnatural LED lights at home, or home light looks like with a layer of dust which is means the CRI of lighting fixtures you bought is low. You got what you pay for, actually there are quietly many parity price of LED lights on market. However CRI of those LED lights is usually lower than 60. Basically, the idea CRI for home is required at least to medium level, which is 80~ 90 CRI we said then we will call it is meet basic standard. But what if you are a person who is with higher expectation of quality for your home illumination? And wish to present your home interior design also your tastes of furnishing and decoration? If you choice the LED lighting sources qualified with CRI is higher than 90, you will find your home can be present totally incredible perfect.

2.Color Temperature


The definition of Color Temperature: Represent as a symbol of absolute temperature °K.  Heating a standard black body, color of black body will start to turn into darker red, shallow red, orange yellow, white, and blue gradually when the temperature is increasing to some specific high level. When color of black body turning the same to color of lighting source, then we can call the absolute temperature on black body is the color temperature (CR) of the light source.

The color of light will be looks different depend on different person as well as together with other circumstances, such as differences of environment, object, illumination or weather conditions.

Color rendering is the measured value gather after compared with the color of light sources and the absolute temperature calls of black body as per the theory of radiation energy. The unit is °K. The red color is becoming redder in opposite as much as lower the value you get. And the blue color is getting bluer as much as higher value you get. (Appendix – Chart digest from Wikipedia). * Below is just a Symbol chart.

Now let’s get to know color rendering by a simple way. Actually color rendering is just the color of light in simple talk.

The CR of fluorescent light that we usually see is 5000K – 5500K in common life. Tungsten 2400K-2700K, Halogen 3000K-4000K. It’s really lot to learn when we talking about multipal choice questions on colors of light. Brightness and energy saving are always initial to consideration when most of oriental families planning their home illumination in old days.



We ought to agree with concepts about west interior design on home illumination design. An old Chinese proverb says “ Go to bed with the lamb, and rise with the lark”. Means people go to work when sun comes up, go to home rest when sun comes down. People are not able to relax or get proper rest at home if their home illumination is bright as daylight. Actually the priority of home illumination should be yellow or any of warm light color. Except indirect warm color of illumination, now a full color LED light is launch for option. A dimmable, colorful light can rich your life in much more fun and pleasure no matter when you are listening to music to get relax, watch television, taste wine or tea in your leisure time.



3. Get to know LED Illumination

Due to a Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a two lead semiconductor light source. In general household voltage is 100VAC ~ 240VAC, that why we need to transfer alternating current (AC) to lower voltage of direct current (DC), lamps of different watts still require to set up different current rating on driver for supply electricity, so that can calls a whole set of LED illumination.

When we choice LED light, power driver is also the crucial product except of lighting source.

Most of the majority problem of LED light people have are caused by power driver. In order to reduce the product cost and attract customer to buy, there are many bad quality but at low price power drivers have been sold to market, which is the main reason to cause problems when use together with LED lights. Truth is, life span of LED light can reach to 5~10 years if collocate with correct power driver.

LED dimming – There are many professional 1-10VDC dimming controller or PWM dimming controller of commercial LED illumination has been provided to market. Actually there are some dimming controllers of less watts for household LED light that are particular designed for home illumination requirement we can find. But, the problem of unstable quality still existing among them. So the best way to avoid if to choice your supplier who is with good reputation and skillful experiences, but not just simple decides because low price or listen to introduction only. It’s better if you can operate by yourself or have a genuine experience in person to ensure if it can be fully satisfy your requirement.