7200RF Lux Sensor



7200RF is an optimal detector with reliability proven digital illumination sensor chip for indoor measurement of illumination system. By using 2.4GHz RF technology, it’s easy for installation & configuration.

All the wireless sensors are battery based and the battery can last at least 12~18 months. The monitor and control system can thru LonWorks network variables get all information for application, e.g. sensor value, sensor alarm (High limit/Low limit/Invalid data/Sensor dead) and battery life. User can define owner sensor limit scope by configure properties thru LonWorks network management tool.

Every single sensor network can manage eight wireless sensor devices by DIP switch to adjust different wireless transmission channel and sensor ID. The network could be up to 16 sensor networks. That means it totally allows 128 sensor devices used at same location.


Dimensions :

(D)110 mm x (H)30.5 mm