5508RF RF Remote Keypad



Remote works with any LonWorks distribution system with a connected receiver. It’s handy to rely on a universal remote to control multiple components, Control any light or appliance remotely without running new wires with a wireless!

Nico 5508RF & 7600RF-RC is base on 2.4G RF remote controller, which accepts ON/OFF, DIM/BRIGHT and ALL ON/ALL OFF RF (Radio frequency) commands from the 5508RF RF Remote Control and ON/OFF signals from the Key Chain Remote Controller, as well. The 5508RF works with all 7600RF-RC Receivers by retransmitting those signals throughout a home’s existing LonWorks network.

The 5508RF also incorporates a programmable capacity for user integrates with LonWorks network.


Dimensions :

(D)54 mm x (W)114 mm x (H)15 mm