4801PL Street Light Controller


The Nico 4801PL street light controller is compatible with LonWorks network. Application for energy savings combined with reduced maintenance costs are prime benefits of street light control and management.

The Power Line communication based devices in every individual street pole that has to be monitored. Those devices reports any error condition (i.e. Lamp failure) back to the street cabinet where they are concentrated at reported to the data centre.

The Nico 4801PL is LonMark compliant Street Light Controller. It provides an interface for street light that perform lamp on/off, luminance dimming remotely. The controller also provides electronic energy meter and RTD temperature sensor that monitor lamp and report the lamp status to the data centre. Thanks to power line communication technology that once the controller installs, the network is ready and communicates immediately. The controller also built in Auto Repeating and noise filter that enlarge network distance and maintain good power line communication quality.


(W)218 mm x (D)109 mm x (H)42 mm