4401PL Single Channel Dimmer PLC

  1. Full compatible with EIA 709.2 network
  2. Complies with LonMark Interoperability Guidelines-Easy to integrate into network
  3. Power line communication requires no additional wiring for communication.
  4. Open access international communication platform (LonWorks) allows complete compatibility with other LonMark products




The 4401PL is a Digital Dimmer Controller for Power Line in home automation. It’s peripheral scope has been specially designed for the use as lighting controller for lighting of applications.

For the use in lighting the 4401PL provides 1 independent channel with single dimming output to control conventional lamps.

The standard LonMark object plug-in allows the flexible use of the 4401PL; Furthermore there are several timer functions for the operation by dimming function. The configuration of the lighting control application is effected via LNS network management tool.


(W)87 mm x (H)51 mm x (D)83 mm