1. Lamp and Appliance Control

  2. Energy Measurement at “point-of-use”

  3. 15 Amp Load Switching

  4. Easy Installation

  5. Supports CEA 709.2 Power Line communication


Nico’s Lamp and Appliance Module is based on our Power Line Smart Transceiver technology and provides a home user with the ability to create and control network of common household lamps and appliances. This product is the only reliable yet cost-effective power line solution for controlling your home.

  • Remotely switch a connected lamp or appliance on and off.
  • Control a connected lamp or appliance using other Digital Home® devices or software.
  • Create a network in a home without any tools—just press a button on each device to be connected.
  • Start with two Digital Home devices and later add up to 200 Digital Home devices.
  • Add a Digital Home Occupancy Sensor to turn on a lamp or appliance when you are in the room.
  • Build a network with no wires using the reliable and robust Echelon’s power line communication technology.
  • Measure energy usage of a lamp or appliance. Help identify high energy use appliances to better manage energy bills.
  • Eliminate all single points of failure in a home network—a controller or gateway is not required to use the Appliance Module.
  • Create up to ten scenes to control all the lamps and appliances in a room from one keypad.


(D)40mm x (W)60mm x (H)100 mm